About Our Boarding and Training Methods

We are a family owned canine training and boarding facility in Tualatin, Oregon with over 40 years experience training and caring for dogs and multiple dog packs. This has given us the unique opportunity to develop a training philosophy and program based on “The Dog Way” instead of our human way.


With the proper use of these philosophies we will create an unquestionable position of trust, respect, and authority with your dog giving you the right to make all rules, modify any unwanted behaviors, and perpetuate desired behaviors. Just some of the benefits of establishing and maintaining yourself as a leader with your dog is a significant reduction in confusion, stress, and anxiety resulting in the happiest, healthiest and best behaved dog.


The Dog Way Method

“The Dog Way” is so effective because it goes to the core of how dogs are instinctively designed, which is to live in packs as part of one hierarchal unit.

As dog owners, we are our dogs’ pack and need to be their leader, because every dog instinctively knows there must be a strong, clear leader for the entire pack to survive. When there is no clear leader our dogs will be instinctively forced to 1) question our ability to lead, 2) assume a lead piston, resulting in many unwanted and often dangerous behaviors. 

The Big Question Is: Do you want your dog leading your pack, telling you what to do, making all the important survival and pack decisions?


To find out more about this top quality canine philosophy, please watch our video, call 503-692-5226, or send us an email.